P&G’s Febreze targets interiors addicts with ‘scent styling’

P&G’s Febreze targets interiors addicts with ‘scent styling’

THE WHAT? P&G-owned Febreze is promoting its Air collection with a fresh new concept known as ‘scent styling’ aimed at home décor enthusiasts. The idea marries the sense of smell with the visual element of interior design to create curated spaces.

THE DETAILS The brand has partnered with Garcelle Beauvais to demonstrate how to elevate a room with the 30-odd fragrances in the Air range.

“When styling a room, we focus primarily on visual aesthetics, while smell is often overlooked. But interior designers know the power that smell can have in a home – there’s a reason realtors use smells as a finishing touch!” says Beauvais. “To help create the ambiance I’m looking for, Febreze Air is a must-have. Just a few sprays fight those bad odors and leave the luxurious, fresh scents I want behind. Remember home cohesion doesn’t stop with the eyes – with Scent Styling, you’ll love what you see and smell throughout your home.”

THE WHY? Morgan Eberhard, Senior Scientist at Febreze, explains, “The research reveals how bad smells can equally impact a space in a negative way. So, no matter how beautifully decorated or satisfyingly organized a room may be, the design isn’t complete until the sense of smell is addressed.”