PZ Cussons to delist from Ghana Stock Exchange?

PZ Cussons to delist from Ghana Stock Exchange?

THE WHAT? PZ Cussons has announced that it intends to de-list from the Ghana Stock Exchange, according to a report published by Modern Ghana.

THE DETAILS The move is subject to shareholder approval at the company’s AGM, which is scheduled for mid-November and, further, will need to be signed off by the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as the Ghana Stock Exchange.

“PZ Cussons remains driven by our commitment to continue expanding our business by providing consumers with goods of the highest quality standards at affordable prices, while making reasonable profit and maintaining our strong family values and respect for the environment in which we operate,” said the company in a statement, per Modern Ghana.

“The proposed de-listing is not expected to impact job security, day-to-day operations and relationships with stakeholders.”

THE WHY? PZ Cussons says that the move would free up time and resources, allowing management to focus on running and expanding the business, building its distribution network and reach and providing improved customer service.