Sa Sa International Holdings evolves New Retail offering with Boutir solution

Sa Sa International Holdings evolves New Retail offering with Boutir solution

THE WHAT? Sa Sa Holdings has announced it has adopted Boutir’s solution and set up personal online beauty stores for its consultants, according to Taiwan News. 

THE DETAILS Consumers can now visit both the physical stores as well as seeing product information through the company’s Facebook Live before making any purchases within consultant’s personal online stores. 

Allowing Sa Sa to develop a omni channel sales approach, consultants can now reach consumers via the Boutir app, suggesting products and offers, as well as updating on orders and deliveries. 

THE WHY? The collaboration with Boutir is said to able to help Sa Sa better merge online and offline retail, giving a more flexible shopping experience for consumers in Hong Kong. 

The new Boutir solution will also allow staff to make extra commissions. 

Dr Simon Kwok, SBS, JP, Chairman and CEO of Sa Sa, said, “Sa Sa is committed to social commerce and is constantly developing new online sales channels. The partnership with Boutir allows Sa Sa to transcend the spatial-temporal boundaries, use social media to engage and sell more with customers in Hong Kong SAR and leverage potential synergies between its online presence with the existing brick-and-mortar stores to provide a seamless online-to-offline (O2O) shopping experience that is more flexible, accessible and intimate. At the same time, this partnership is generating additional commission income for the frontline staff amid COVID-19 outbreak and pivoting Sa Sa towards a new retail model.”

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