Unilever Eyes microbiome space with Holobiome partnership

Unilever Eyes microbiome space with Holobiome partnership

THE WHAT? Unilever has announced a research partnership with Holobiome aimed at discovering food ingredients that can enhance mental health and wellbeing.

THE DETAILS The duo is hoping to discover food ingredients that interact with key bacteria in the gut that can communicate with the brand via neurotransmitters, inducing a calming effect on the body.

Unilever intends to then enhance these ingredients in certain foods and refreshment products across its portfolio to naturally boost levels of certain calming neurotransmitters and in turn, improve mental wellbeing.

THE WHY? Carla Hilhorst, Executive Vice President R&D Foods & Refreshment at Unilever said, “More than 70 percent of consumers are concerned that stress and anxiety are having an impact on their health. In turn, consumers are increasingly seeking food and drink products that can have a positive impact on their overall health and mental wellbeing. “Through our partnership with Holobiome, we look forward to understanding more about the way ingredients interact with the gut microbiome. This research offers exciting opportunities for our future food and drink formulations enabling us to deliver boldly healthier products.”