Beiersdorf and Insilico Medicine Employ AI Technology in skin research

Beiersdorf and Insilico Medicine Employ AI Technology in skin research

THE WHAT? Beiersdorf has teamed up with artificial intelligence expert Insilico Medicine with a view to discovering novel, safe bioactive ingredients for a specific skin indication at an unparalleled pace, which will serve as the basis for developing appropriate skin care products.

THE DETAILS New molecules for a specific skin condition will be generated and analyzed using next-gen artificial intelligence, the manufacturer of Nivea said.

Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of Insilico Medicine, explained, “We firmly believe there is a great potential in this collaboration. We worked with many consumer companies in the past and in my opinion, Beiersdorf became an undisputed leader in the area of skin research as well as in digital technologies in recent decades. We are delighted that it has recognized the potential of artificial intelligence early on and hope to demonstrate the power of AI going forward in our collaboration.”

THE WHY? As Dr. May Shana’a, Senior Corporate Vice President, Research and Development, at Beiersdorf, revealed, “We are able to evaluate new active ingredients significantly more quickly and more efficiently by simulating biological effects in silico. This enables us to cater even better to the consumers’ as yet unmet skincare needs.”

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